Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Things About Today

1) Sunshine and breezy-- even if the 10 day forecast shows 10 straight days of rain.
2) Farm share pickup at the one and only Essex Farm-- where the ground had dried out enough to -- wait for it---- plant the fields! Go, Mark and Kristin!
3) Big and Little both had a great first baseball practice- while I cleaned the kitchen, enjoyed a glass of Chianti on the deck and started "The Art of Racing in the Rain" during the last hour of sunshine.
4) I can sleep in tomorrow! All day long to get in a workout-- which will be a trainer ride indoors due to said rain, so why get up? There IS no best part of the day to catch when it's raining.
5) A gorgeous red male cardinal with the prettiest song in the back yard again tonight-- I need a bird feeder! I am turning into an old lady birder! LOL

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things that Add up to a Perfect Day

1) First person in Target to get returns done and Easter goodies purchased.
2) On the ferry and over to Burlington in time for dermatology appointment. Delish orange enjoyed en route.
3) Easy and good appointment- quick biopsy but nothing to worry about and bandaged so that I could.....
4) Enjoy a perfect 6 miler in the sunshine on the lakefront Burlington Bikeway.
5) Lake Champlain chocolate factory store for a few more Easter basket goodies!
6) Fresh Market lunch
7) First visit to a Great Harvest bakery-- egg sammies for dinner on Green Chili Cheese Bread!
8) A pedicure! First since NYC Marathon, and subsequent loss and regrowth of 4 toenails. Waaaaaaaaay overdue. Even if today's 37 degrees and thunderstorm weather isn't quite right for sandals.
9) Back on ferry for a quiet ride with my book and the sun in my face.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'd Like to Stop Being Sad About the Weather

....but I really can't. It's windy, dark, cold and gloomy....and though Little and I were going to hike into Marcy Dam, I'm just not so sure now. I mean, it's starting to feel a bit like torture? Big is gone on a day hike with school, staying for a talent show and off to a friend's for a sleepover, homework project date tomorrow. So Little and I need a plan. Besides cooking and eating....which we love :) Now we are awaiting a mushroom, spinach and leek frittata from the oven and I'm enjoying coffee and then we'll make a plan.

So I got sucked into a Hilton time share tour in Vegas. DH wanted to go to Vegas so very badly, and I so very badly did not. But for some reason when they called with these deal, I bit. I mean I guess I CAN wrap myself around a desert pool, great restaurants and Blue Man Group. Or Donny and Marie???? Yes. Yes. We have to make a plan within 45 days and then travel by November.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coffee, I Heart You

Oh man, it's tough to be an Adirondacker in April. TS Eliot was clearly from Lake Placid. We have been from 70 and sunshine back to 39 and raining, getting ready to spit snow, plus violent thunderstorms--- all with two feet of snow in the yard and a rising river. It's times like this that I'm thankful for my dark, exotic lover-- coffee! Third cup starting now....

Just got the Super Natural Every Day cookbook by "101 Cookbooks" Heidi Swanson. It. Is. Amazing. Just wants to make me cook and cook and cook. Chick peas are soaking now for a roast later, and I'm sizing up rye soda bread and dill butter for Easter, which will obviously need a trial run or two before then. Cabbage and white beans, ginger cookies with apricot and shaved dark chocolate. This book has me captivated!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, Sunday- So Good to Me

A lovely day in every respect. Woke up to sunshine around 7. Not blazing sunshine, but since it was forecasted to rain, the sunshine was a treat. Had a leisurely cup of tea and a pre-run snack of homemade bread (beer bread with honey!) toasted with my homemade apple butter. Went out for a run just in time for the temps to allow for the first short sleeve run around the lake of 2011~ !!! Came home, made coffee, a smoothie (banana, flax seed, chocolate protein powder, milk and instant coffee) and ate an orange. After my shower, Little and I attacked his bedroom and did a nice clean-out and a rearrange of his room. Lovely lunch which consisted of tuna, spinach, shredded carrots, raisins, slow-roasted tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, a bit of parm and homemade maple vinagrette. Yummm.

Though the dog walk around the lake was adjourned due to rain drops, we did get a mile in around the block. Shortly, we will meet friends for dinner. And as icing on the cake....I'm off from work tomorrow.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Being Real

It is so hard sometimes-- to be a wife, a mom, a friend, a professional, a chef, a housekeeper, an athlete and a healthy liver. I can go all week and eat clean and take really good care of myself with using food as fuel.....and then I can come home on Friday night and make 3 pieces of birthday cake into dinner. Sigh. I guess I'm only human.

Best of intentions today as well to get out into the brilliant sunshine for a run, but the day instead included making whole wheat carrot cake muffins for my sick brother-in-law , a hair appointment, and visits to see my nieces and said sick brother-in-law. Followed up with 5:30 Mass and made dinner for the kids and myself (Western omelette sandwiches and an orange for everyone!) and I look forward to another day of possibilities!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Redux?

Crazy, crazy month. Three cancer diagnoses/scares in those dear to us. Other personal tragedies, sick name it. Quite a few happy endings so far but still praying.....I think my blog should be renamed "What I Ate While it All Went Down".

Today's lunch was my dried farm beans with my slow-roasted tomatoes from summer (thawed from freezer) cooked with onions with a wedge of Laughing Cow Queso Fresco and a bit of a WW wrap. Hoping to make Thomas some muffins tonight- Carrot Cake muffins sound like the answer!